Colloque Niches et Cancer 2017

"Mitochondrie, stress oxydatif et niches cancereuses"  30 novembre 2017 - Nantes

Date limite des résumés: 27 octobre 2017  

CNRS GDR3697 Micronit

GDR3697 Micronit (= Microenvironnement des niches tumorales) –


masque masque

Microenvironment and tumor niches


    The objectives of this network are to isolate the components of tumor niches in order to characterize and analyse the interactions between the tumor microenvironment and cancer stem cells.


    This research may provide new therapeutic strategies to limit the cancer development and to prevent relapse. [Research]


   "Microenvironment and tumor niches" is Cancéropôle Grand Ouest network. It is composed of 10 CNRS/INSERM teams of Grand Ouest regions (Bretagne, Centre Val de Loire, Pays de la Loire). [Teams]



Following the territorial reform, V. Coronas team is now in the "Canceropôle Grand Sud Ouest" but collaborations are ongoing.